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Our Story

“It takes a village to raise a child” is an African proverb that I live by and probably would not be who I am today without my village.  As a mother, friend, sister, mentor, mental health advocate, author, and a licensed therapist. We see how essential it is to have a tribe of people to help produce the children of our future. However, we have noticed that in marginalized communities, the village is dwindling, the resources are low or non-existent, and mental health has been a major issue within these neighborhoods. Iman’s Healing Journey is now creating a holistic safe space for children, adolescents, young adults and families to gather, break generational curses, and learn to support one another again, in the hopes to deeper connect locally and further and provide better mental health resources. Through case management services, counseling services, psychotherapy groups, and other programs. We hope to see a transitional state of hopelessness to having faith again in our healing process.

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Learn how to not pour from an empty cup

Individual Therapy


It is like going to physical doctor, but for your mind.

Feeling empty or worthless, does not have to be a forever feeling. Learn how to reclaim your time. 

Life Transitions

A life change can suck, but going through it alone does not have to be. 


More to come, stay tuned though.







We also offer private pay and sliding scales


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